Complex Divorce Litigation Attorneys

Our divorce attorneys have extensive experience representing high profile clients.

Family conflicts leading to marital dissolution, custody disputes, and problems after divorce can be personally overwhelming.  Divorces that involve significant assets are complex. Many issues can arise involving child custody disputes, deceit, animosity or failure to disclose assets.

Bringing Expertise to Complex Florida Divorce Litigation

A complex divorce can be an emotional roller coaster ride. So many obstacles may need to be addressed. Sometimes the solutions  are like looking for a needle in a haystack, the more complicated the more assured you need to be that our experienced team will handle every single detail with complete confidence.

Having completed countless high profile, complex & high asset divorces in South Florida, we are well versed in the challenges and obstacles that couples can encounter during a challenging divorce process.

A distinctive feature of the family law practice at Brodie & Friedman, P.A. is our willingness and ability to take divorce cases with complex issues to court whenever necessary to protect your interests. Our lawyers have the legal knowledge and practical courtroom skills necessary to develop and present your case on sharply disputed or highly complicated facts.

We work with CPAs and other financial experts to develop forensic evidence on such matters as:

  • Spousal support needs in light of employment experience, education and the job market
  • Marital asset valuation
  • Business asset valuation
  • Payments from marital property on a spouse’s separate debts
  • Identification and recovery of concealed assets or improperly transferred assets
  • Parenting plan issues reflecting parental fitness problems
  • Domestic violence issues

Our sophisticated business and financial knowledge enable us to effectively address concerns that are unique to individuals of high net worth. We frequently handle cases involving family businesses, professional practices, real estate investments, offshore bank accounts, retirement accounts and other types of assets.


If you are facing a complicated and high-profile divorce that could be subject to media attention, we are thoroughly experienced in protecting you from unwanted exposure. Since social media is a huge channel of communication, it is important to keep out of the spotlight.

Brodie & Friedman P.A. is a trusted family law firm serving residents in Boca Raton and neighboring communities. Our attorneys have an outstanding reputation for our compassionate and professional approach to family law.

There’s nothing like a credible litigation option to keep an opponent honest in a divorce. Our reputation as formidable courtroom advocates by itself can make your spouse think twice about staking out an unreasonable position.

For further information about our experience with complex divorce litigation in Palm Beach County, Broward County, Miami-Dade County and Martin County, contact Brodie & Friedman, P.A.


Situations involving assets in dispute, particularily assets with intricate appraisal or division issues, are likely to cause divorce proceedings to become more complex and drawn out. Although Florida divides property under the rule of Equitable Distribution, things do not always divide fairly.

In order to maintain your fair share of the marital assets, an accurate valuation and appraisal of every asset is essential. When an asset, such as a business, cannot be “divided” a valuation is used to attach tradeable value to it that allows spouses to be equally compensated.

Further, when all assets are not thoroughly distinguished or accurately valued, the potential for one spouse to be improperly compensated is greatly increased.

When property division cases can’t be easily settled between spouses, Florida courts will consider a range of factors to help determine a fair and equitable distribution—namely, each spouse’s given financial position.

Our team of complex divorce Florida attorneys work with a team of qualified distribution specialists that deliver comprehensive valuations for unusual and intricate cases to best protect your interests. Brodie & Friedman P.A. work tirelessly with forensic accountants to pursue instances of fradulent accounting and hidden asssets, such as off-shore bank accounts.


Because the unique character of a marriage, and its many complexities, can emerge in Florida divorce proceedings, it is essential to hire an experienced Florida divorce team. When issues related to relocation, physical abuse, substance addiction and adultery generally lead to extended legal battles and intensify the court’s extremely difficult decisions surrounding child custody and visitation.